Hire Pre-vetted Dedicated Virtual Assistants

We are a US-based company and our Virtual Assistants from the Philippines have undergone a thorough vetting process and possess extensive experience.

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Tired of dealing with these problems?

Expensive Salaries

The average employee in the U.S. costs $3k to $8k/mo.

Difficulty Scaling

Can’t scale your business when employees cost so much.

Unfavorable Laws

It’s not a matter of if you’ll get sued by an employee, but when.

Labor Shortage

Even if you wanted to deal with the high costs, it’s hard to find people.

Ungrateful Employees

You do so much for them, and they’re still ungrateful.

Unmotivated Workers

They’re unproductive and have a sense of entitlement.

You can hire amazing full-time employees for as low as $8/hour.

Lowest Salaries

We find the top 1% of talent that cost up to 80% less than locals.

Fluent English

We search far and wide to find the top 1% of English speakers.

Any Position

Talented individuals in sales, operations, customer support, finance, creative, and more.

Remote Ready

Everyone is ready to work remotely with their own equipment and workplace.

Culture Fit

Candidates are heavily influenced by Western culture.

Your Time Zone

All remote employees we provide for you will work in your time zone.

…but it’s hard to find the good ones.

Finding great employees overseas who speak fluent English can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

That’s where our pre-vetted Virtual Assistants come in.

Discover your next top employee at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring a traditional employee with benefits.

College Educated & Highly Experienced

Our Virtual Assistants are college graduates with a wealth of experience listed on their resumes.

English Speaking with Natural Accents

Our Virtual Assistants are based in the Philippines and speak English fluently with minimal accent. Given that English is an official language in the country, they are highly skilled in communication in English.

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

We will match you a dedicated Virtual Assistant who possesses the specific skill set tailored to meet your requirements.

Cultural and Personality Match

All Virtual Assistants have been assessed using the DISC Profile method as well as the Predictive Index. Both of these personality tests help us to understand the roles your Virtual Assistant will excel in.

We Offer 3 types of Virtual Assistants

If the position you are looking for is not listed below, no need to worry.

We can assist you in filling any role you may have in mind.

Sales Development

✅ Can generate proposals for the sales team from sales meetings

✅ Is willing to learn how to generate contracts and help get them to the clients

✅ Can work with new clients to complete onboarding paperwork with a high level of accuracy to ensure all boxes are checked

✅ Experience with CRM

Lead Generation

✅ Has experience cold calling potential clients to introduce the product lines, tell them about their product, and gather their email and phone number for follow-ups

✅ Is able to prospect

✅ Is proficient with CRM

✅ Is comfortable speaking to clients and pitching a product

Social Media Management

✅ Will manage Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram, posting content to each throughout the week

✅ Some experience with Canva to lightly design and do some drag-and-drop work for visuals

✅ Can draft copy for tips-and-tricks, blogs, etc. that matches the company’s tone

✅ Is comfortable monitoring and reporting agency analytics, preferably within Data Studio

Email Marketing

✅ Will own the email/marketing calendar

✅ Is confident in managing campaigns and segments in Klaviyo

✅ Is comfortable working with a wide range of partners, including internal copywriters, external email agencies, and graphic designers

✅ Can make ad hoc small updates to websites

✅ Execute basic design requests, such as creating one-off designs and resizing images

✅ Has some WordPress and Shopify experience

Paid Media and Advertising

✅ Will support digital paid media campaigns

✅ Has 1-2 years Google Ads and Meta Ads experience

✅ Can complete data pulls and analysis for reporting

✅ Will edit ad copy and make creative changes as needed

✅ Make bid and budget updates

✅ Experience sharing administrative updates around results, spend projections, and experiments

✅ Ideally has experience with Bing, LinkedIn, TikTok (not required)

Ad Creative

✅ Build all static social ads. Reference brand guidelines and assets to build ads promoting programs, retouch images where needed to make text legible, and version across different social specs/sizes (the copy will be provided).

✅ Produce social site and microsite banners using basic templates with branding, and 8 email headers.

✅ Ideally has motion graphic capabilities (preferred but not required) to produce social videos and format to different size/times needed (e.g. 15s ad vs 6s ad etc.) plus add music tracks edited to start and finish.

✅ Other needs include rebranding or designing existing Google Slide deck content with provided guidelines and assets and collateral from 1-sheets, and general retouching of assets.

Print Designs

✅ Will develop a wide range of digital graphics for use in social media posts, emails, blogs, banner ads, or other website content

✅ Has experience design print materials including flyers, training documents, sales sheets, and banners

✅ Can collaborate with marketing assistant and in-house copywriter as needed

✅ Is comfortable reporting directly to VP of Marketing for strategic guidance and project assignments

Local staff vs. Remote staff

Local Staff Remote Staff
Hourly Rate
Starting at $20/hr
Starting at $8/hr
Eager To Work
Easy to Hire
Easy to Replace
Fully Managed
No Benefits Required
No Insurance or Taxes
No Office Equipment

How does it work?


Book a Call

Book a call. We’ll get to know each other and the job you’re looking to fill. Decide whether our Direct Hire or Managed model is a better fit.


Begin Talent Search

Once you pay a deposit, we’ll begin our talent search for your specific role. We’ll interview and screen until we find 3 candidates that are well-suited for your job.


Interview Three Candidates

When we confidently find 3 great options, we’ll present them to you. We’ll then help you schedule interviews with the candidates to choose your favorite.


Hire New Employee

Upon successful placement of a great candidate, you’ll pay a one-time placement fee or the first month’s salary, depending on the model you choose.

What’s the difference between
the direct hire vs. managed model?

Managed Model

We find the employee, hire them ourselves, and you pay us directly. Our fee is covered in their salary. You also get onboarding, ongoing support, training, monthly reports, HR services, and many other perks listed below. You also get a lifetime guarantee and can replace employees at anytime.

Direct Hire Model

We find the employee and you hire them directly. You pay a one-time placement fee based on their first year’s salary, and our job is done. You never have to pay anything else. There’s no support after your employee is placed, but you do get a 90-day guarantee. You take care of all HR, management, tracking, benefits, etc.

Direct Hire Managed
% of First Year Salary
Included in Salary
Employment Contract
Employment Contract
Between Us & Employee
90 Days
Easy to Replace
HR Support
Ongoing Training
Time Tracking Reports
Web & App Usage Reports
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Account Manager

How does our guarantee work?

Managed Model

We offer a 90-day guarantee on new hire. If you hire someone and it doesn’t work outwithin the first 3 months, we’ll do a 2nd hiring round for the same role for free.

Managed Model Guarantee

We offer an unlimited guarantee. If you hire someone and it doesn’t work out, we’ll do another hiring round for the same role for free. You’re just limited to doing this once every 90 days.

From Our Founder

At AltReach, we are committed to delivering unmatched outsourced solutions to professionals, entrepreneurs, and growing businesses. Our core values of Ethics and Integrity, Loyalty and Trust, and Servant Leadership are the pillars on which we stand.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two models: Direct Hire & Managed. With our direct hire model, you pay a one-time fee that’s equal to a percentage of the employee’s first-year salary (upon placement). With the managed model, our fee is included in the monthly salary you pay.

With our direct hires, we offer a 90-day guarantee on new hires. If you hire someone and it doesn’t work out within the first 3 months, we’ll do a 2nd hiring round for the same role for free. With our managed model, we offer an unlimited guarantee. If you hire someone and it doesn’t work out, we’ll do another hiring round for the same role for free. You’re just limited to doing this once every 90 days.

We recruit employees from the Philippines.

We’d love to answer all of your questions on a call. Go here to schedule a time to talk.

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